Tuesday, April 28, 2009

video released..

to elin n k.ros..
as per requested..
to the rest..enjoy!!

*no kodok was harmed during the making of this video.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cheer up..

To Yatt..
Hari ini kau datang riang..
Tersenyum buatku senang..
Kau hias dirimu..
Membuat hati bertambah sayang..
Tapi semalam wajahmu muram..
Mengapa dewi mengapa..
Adakah au bersalah..
Cubalah dewi katakan..
Jangan dewi..jangan begitu..
Senyum..senyumlah selalu..
wajah bertambah ceria!!

remember this song?
then remember how much i hate to see you CRY!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I am DONE with all these drama of crying and heartbreaks..
Laugh at me all you want..
I am tumbling down now but...
i guarantee you i am not a quitter..
i have people that i know they will love me unconditionally..
i will stand up tall..
i will move forward without looking back anymore..
i will live my life only with people who'll appreciate me..
i will not break down and cry over this pathetic old me..

Friday, April 10, 2009

my other half..

today..i left my phone at home...
since i was late so i never make the uturn...
then had dinner with the girls (that includes u eh k.ros!!)
yatt said,"kalo aku tertinggal phone aku x senang duduk..takut anything happen.."
i smirked...
when i arrived home..there are about 40 missed calls and 10 msgs from mama,papa,c.lik,c.ya..
sekampung lah msg asking about AYIN..
coz got accident involving bus in Mecca.
i snapped literally..
what yatt said haunts me..
i called ayin..but couldnt get through..worried level goes to 50%
called k.zila..she didn't pick up on the 1st attempt..worried level up to 60%
called fatima..couldnt get through...worried level up another 20%
i called man..hoping that ayin contacted her..but as man always do..he said nothing happen to her..asking me to stay calm..it helps..
i rushed to yatt's room...
another way that can help me to ease my worry is YATT..
i made another attempt to k.zila..and she picked up..
upon hanging up..my worried level goes down to 50%..
i am not convinced until i hear from my soulmate..i feel like crying..
then received sms from k.zila..
"Haniz, kak zila tnya a few MAQ commitee diorang ckp x de dpt news apa2 pn,lg pn maybe she ran out of credit,sbb roaming, last few days ada dia msg srh kak zila top up kan fon dia, x worry ada apa2 sure kitorang tau dulu, x worry"
thanks k.zila..thanks man..thanks yatt..
dear ayin..pls be safe..u promised me to be ok kan..
call me!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Breakfast jom!!

Esok is FRIDAY..yay!!
I am SOOOO in the mood for breakfast tomorrow!!!
Oh..matahari pls come out!!
haha..happy friday!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

bunch of joy?

With these girls...
being single...is not a problem to me!!
thanks girls!!