Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sick of being sick

among other things yg aku admire dekat papa was his willingness to do everything sincerely...
mintakla kat papa apa sahaja...selagi hanya perlu guna tenaga...dia selalu akan ckp OK...
contohnya, after his long busy day and suddenly terasa cam nakgi 7E beli air coke in the middle of the night...cakap saja dekat papa...he will make a goofy face and suddenly tgk die dah siap pegang kunci motor and ask,"nak pegi x?" (pjg aku explain..huhu)
so,now that he's gone...aku cuba utk jdk mcm papa...cuba utk buat semua selagi aku aku x mcm papa,papa x complain...aku kdg2 complain!! hehe...i was tested few weeks before Ramadhan when jaja got sick and requiring us to make few trips to Sabak-KL-Sabak-KL (i lost count!) and then off to Gemas to settle some errands...then my body cannot tahan already...i was hit with fever,flu,cough,sorethroat,headache and body pains..went to the clinic twice as i found out i was allergic with the antibiotic and give me a hell-like pain!!!
then come friday where i was supposed to fetch Jaja,and after taking the meds i was so sure that i can drive to fetch Jaja as promised...but alhamdulillah i collapse upon arriving at umah cik ya.i can't imagine if i passed out while driving! then i admit that i wasn't as strong as papa..don't get me wrong here,i am not complaining or is my responsibility to do whatever that i did before...i know i was also sick due to my eating habits and my insomnia problem..i just wish that i am stronger physically and mentally if not like him..ALMOST? can? haha..i'm ok now...except for the flu and cough that refuse to go away...and missing him badly...especially during the fever and having to drive myself to the clinic was more painful than the physical pain itself...i kinda missing having that GUY to send me to the clinic when i am sick..people,u might be bored to have to read this..tell you the truth,i just wish to ease the feels of missing him like this...cause it hurts more than getting sick...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

best of you..

"@!#$ la ko pink..ko claim ko kwn aku..ko claim ko syg aku..mana ko when i need u hah??"
"demm u..ko yg tinggalkan aku.."
"apsal ko xnk carik aku?"
"sbb aku xnk terhegeh2 kat ko..ko yg call aku out of nowhere marah2"
"ko ego..say it!!"
"ye..aku ego.."
"ko mmg keji ko tau x.."
"kalo aku keji aku x pick up call ko..aku xkan call blk kan??"

despite whatever happened,i found my old friend back..
it's been almost 6 months i guess we haven't talk to each other..
but now..i won't stop at anything for any friendship that i have.
pink..i'm sorry and thanks for still being my friend!!