Saturday, October 10, 2009

shout out soulmate. u always there for me. a true definition of partner-in-crime. dun worry too much about your future. if you are meant to be. nothing can change that. just go with the flow while at the same time keep on praying and ENJOY your life. oh..try to stop teasing me with my sengal attitude!! are one wonderful girl. kau la kwn aku yg sgt 'loyal' to your other half. so while kau bkn in loyal mode,lets enjoy our single life together before you get busy with your NEW life later. he's out there somewhere but i'm here..always,let's go for movie,swimming,futsal,mamak,jln2,go crazy and what-not..we had our fun and let's continue doing it!we are married to each other remember?
Elin..knowing you is a blessing. credits to yatt. you have your sengal k.ros around but it didn't keep us away from having fun. k.ros is a good person. mainly sbb die xkisah melayan kesengalan aku, yatt n ko secara berkumpulan. treasure him. love his good and bad.
K.ros..sila layan/jaga/sayang elin. sbb aku tau mana nak carik ko if u hurt her.heheh.. are like a brother i never had. at the same time you are a friend yg sgt rugi kalau hilang. no matter what. thank you. are one nice guy. but your words that you describe me to your gf is ridiculous. "SYG TP X DPT" WTH? treat her nice. remember you choose her. go for it.we'll remain friends. i prefer the idea of us as a friend more than anything.
Apink/Awazsayang/Apek/Airdy..sayang korang sampai mati. xmau hilang korang. yet xleh lepak slalu like dulu2..sheeshh...
Izra..i rasa sheila da start giving you a green light sign. go for it,babe!!
ezany@bay..where on earth are you??sibuk bercinta sampai x igt scandal lama ke?? hate you!heh..
Opah..i'm sorry of what happen to you right now. be strong. i'm around if you need me. anytime.


mr. AC said...

erm... tersentuh... heuhuehueuh... papadom!.. lewat2 skit ok..

elin said...

hahaha...pergh tersentuh nye ngan lkesengalan u babe..

herman said...

haniz, u are my best friend from sinchuan...wakaka
xpe, kita arrange life kita sama2 bg jadi yang terbaik...skrg kita kena sama2 kuat untuk semua ni..dan jugak utk cik mook..:)

meismistake said...

k.ros..papadomon eh!!ko jgn nk ngade2!! u back!
man..sinchuan??muleh blah!!!hahaha

Y A T T said...

haha. loyal to my other half?

my other half had always been YOU!

it's you it's you it's you...
you're every line.. you're every word.. you're everything..

hehe <3

Wait a sec, aku pun lupa bila aku introduce Elin kat ko. Har har.

Anywayyy, I love you, Husband (lalala)

Happy 14th Anniversary!

Tak pasal-pasal. Muahahaha. Wah married since form 1? Tak leh blah.


Anonymous said...

hey .. startung para .. was so good... by writing kababooooz ekrkfdsn .. you spoiled it